Suze Shore is a freelance illustrator and visual artist from Ontario, currently living in Vancouver, BC. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University (Sackville, NB) and a certificate in Professional Illustration from Algonquin College (Ottawa, ON).

Suze’s work frequently explores themes of physical and mental self-identity as well as inner state vs outward presentation. Her recent bodies of work include the Camouflage series, a group of illustrations exploring the artist’s emotional conflict during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Currently Suze is working on a series of mixed-media pieces which aim to examine and communicate her ongoing experience with mental illness and neurodivergence.  Through the creation of these pieces Suze has pursued a growing love of working with embroidery and textiles which she’s excited to keep building on.

She also draws a lot of cats, and doesn’t plan on stopping.

Artist CV

E-mail: panda.suze@gmail.com